Grooming Series #4: Cat Matting

Most long haired cats will experience matting at some point in their lives. Cats are self groomers but can still suffer from knotted and tangled hair once their hair begins to shed since the loose hair gets caught in the top coat causing mats. Older cats who have limited mobility also may be at a higher risk for matting especially behind their legs or where their collar is due to the friction.  

What can I do about matted fur?

It can be frustrating if your cat is constantly suffering from matted fur, daily brushing or combing can help alleviate the mats. Your cat may be hesitant at first since they are self groomers but using a soft bristle brush can get them familiar with you grooming them. Chronic matted fur may be a sign that your cat’s diet needs a change and incorporating a diet rich with Omega 3’s and Vitamin E may benefit your cat since they regulate blood flow and encourage a healthy coat while simultaneously reducing inflammation which could benefit older cats who have mobility issues.   

What are some tips for getting rid of matted fur?  

Daily brushing is the best way to prevent your cats fur from getting matted. In addition there are detangling sprays designed for loosening mats and knots but when selecting a product make sure that it is specifically designed for felines. 

What to do if the mats are severe and can’t be tackled at home?

If your cat is dealing with mats frequently or they are too severe to be brushed out, seeing a professional groomer is your best option. A professional groomer can cut out the matted fur and give you tips on at home grooming regime.


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