Grooming Series #5: Cleaning your Dogs Ears

Why do I need to clean my dog’s ears?

You may not think that cleaning your dog’s ears is important in their grooming regime, but regular ear cleaning allows for you to see if your dog has an ear infection or any dust mites present in their ear. Certain breeds will need more regular cleaning then others including Basset Hounds or Cocker Spaniels because their ears droop over and restrict airflow, causing excess moisture and debris getting inside the ear. If your dog also swims a lot they are at a higher risk for ear infections and should have their ears cleaned more often. 

My Dog doesn’t like me touching their ears. What can I do?

Dogs’ ears are sensitive and they typically do not like anyone near their ears. It is important to feel confident in cleaning your dog’s ears because if done incorrectly you can cause some serious damage. If your dog has a lot of hair growing inside their ear you can get a groomer to trim the excess hair to help reduce the amount of dander that can get caught inside. 

What are some tips for cleaning my dog’s ears at home?

Every dog is different and may require a different cleaning process but here are the general steps to cleaning your dog’s ears at home. 

  1. Use a cotton ball, not a cotton swab! Saturate the cotton ball with a dog ear cleaning solution or warm water
  2. Genty wipe away any debris or dander inside their ear canal
  3. After you are done cleaning, pat the area dry to prevent moisture buildup

What kind of ear wash should I use?

When selecting what ear wash to use on your dog it is important to make sure there are no extra ingredients or heavy perfumes. Try and find a product with tea tree oil as it acts as an anti-fungal agent and is a natural disinfectant. We carry a perfect product that will clean your dog’s ears safely and effectively. 

  • Naturevet – Ear Wash Tea Tree Oil – A gentle, yet effective formula designed to help dissolve ear wax and remove foreign debris. Can be used as often as needed and is especially recommended after bathing or swimming

If you have any questions about ear cleaning or need advice on what products to use do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Urban Pets. 


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