Grooming Series #7: Bathing your Cat

Most felines, particularly those with short haired coats, are acceptable self-custodians and require washing less often. In any case, a bath is fitting at whatever point you need your cat to smell fresh and clean. How often you choose to bathe your cat will rely upon coat length and type, activity level and climate. Cat owners should know that unreasonable washing, or using human grooming products can dull the coat and cause dry, flaky and in some cases irritated skin.

What will I need to wash my cat?

  • Wash basin
  • Cat or kitten shampoo 
  • A towel

What are the steps to bathing my cat?

  1. Fill the wash basin with barely enough warm water to wash your feline and lower your feline delicately into the water. Try not to overload, as this will simply make your feline more restless.
  1. Apply a small amount of cleanser and warm water to your cat’s coat. Do your best to keep the product away from your cats eyes and mouth. 
  1. Use a comb or small brush to work in the product to any matted areas. 
  1. Once your cat is ready to be rinsed off, use one hand to rinse them and the other hand to cover their eyes and mouth

Tips for bathing your cat

  • Trim your cat’s nails before hand

The chances of getting scratched by your cat when giving them a bath is high, cutting their nails will reduce the impact of the scratches 

  • Bathe your cat in a familiar location

Your cat is probably already going to be very uncomfortable but bathing them in a location they are familiar with may help ease anxiety 

  •  Give your cat a treat after their bath

Regardless of whether your feline won’t approach you for awhile, leave them an special treat in their bowl to show them you don’t hate them


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