Intro to Diet Series #2: Raw Dog Food

What exactly is a Raw Food Diet?

A Raw food diet is as simple as it sounds, raw minimally processed ingredients that your pet thrives on. Raw food can be homemade or store bought but both are free of added hormones, fillers and free of any artificial flavourings or colours. 

What are the benefits of my dog eating raw?

In recent years pet owners have turned to a raw food diet to not only alleviate health concerns but also to feed their pets the way they are anatomically designed to eat.

By choosing to feed your pet raw you may begin to see many benefits including:

  1. Increased energy 

Raw Food only takes 1-2 hours to digest versus kibble which takes 7-9 hours. Less energy spent digesting food = more energy 

  1. Healthier skin

Your pet will receive all the bioavailable nutrition it requires for healthy skin and shiny coat.

  1. Oral hygiene 

The enzymes found in a raw food diet decrease the abrasion from typical kibble, while fighting plaque and bad breath. 

Can I feed my dog the same raw food all week? 

When choosing a raw food diet it is important to make sure you are meeting all your dog’s nutritional needs. Rotating proteins frequently will broaden the nutrients available to your pet, which will create the ideal balance over time. Without rotating proteins you also run the risk of creating a boring diet for your pet. A general rule of thumb is to rotate three proteins a month since all proteins are not created equal. 

Will my dog benefit from a raw food diet?

Younger dogs who lack energy will benefit from a raw food diet as well as any dogs prone to ear infections or skin issues. Always ask your veterinarian if a raw food diet is best for your dog.

What is a brand of Raw food that you recommend?

Stella & Chewy’s is a great brand made with wholesome ingredients that your dog will thrive on. Stella & Chewy’s only uses sustainably sourced protein and it is always the first ingredient!


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