Intro to Diet Series #3: Freeze Dried Raw

What exactly is Freeze Dried Raw?

Freeze Dried Raw Food is the process of removing the moisture from the food at low temperatures but preserving the nutrition of raw ingredients. Freeze dried raw food provides a longer shelf life and a more convenient way of feeding your dog raw food without the mess or hassle of typical raw dog food. There are a few different forms of freeze dried raw food. 

Freeze Dried Raw Coated KibbleFreeze Dried RawRaw Blend (Kibble and Freeze Dried Raw)
Oven baked at low temperatures and made one batch at a time Provides the convenience of dry food with the benefits of a raw dietA unique combination of protein-rich, grain-free baked kibble with whole pieces of freeze-dried meat mixed in

What are the benefits of Freeze Dried Raw?

A Freeze Dried Raw Diet provides you with all the benefits of a raw diet without the mess or hassle of preparing raw meals. With no filler and higher quality ingredients your dog will be able to eat less, potentially reducing their weight. Freeze dried raw food rehydrates in minutes providing a similar palatability to raw food without the need for refrigeration. 

Can I solely feed my dog Freeze Dried Raw? 

Feeding your dog only freeze dried raw will bring similar benefits to a raw diet, however, solely using freeze dried raw is not the most cost effective way to feed your dog. I recommend using Freeze Dried Raw food as a topper into your dogs kibble, this will still provide our dog with the added benefits and won’t break the bank.


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