Intro to Diet Series #4: Fresh Dog Food

What is Fresh Dog Food?

Fresh Dog Food is human grade dog food that is gently cooked without the preservatives found in conventional kibble. Using whole ingredients a quality fresh dog food will always contain chicken or beef as the number one ingredient. Fresh pet food is minimally processed to retain vitamins and nutrients and free of corn and wheat. 

What are the differences between Fresh Pet Food and a grocery store competitor?

All Natural No Artificial Colours or Preservatives 

No Corn or WheatX
No By ProductsX
No Meat Powders X
Less processed and produced at lower temperature  X
Real Fruits and Veggies you can seeX

Is Fresh Dog Food safer than Raw?

When feeding your dog a raw diet the risk for contamination is there. Fresh food however is gently cooked and you can be confident that your food will be free from any contaminants that could be present in raw dog food including: 

  • E. Coli
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella 

What are the benefits of Fresh Dog Food?

  1. More Energy

Over processed dog food is difficult on their digestive system while fresh food is more digestible and enables your dog’s body to absorb more energy. 

  1. Shiner Coats

Oils found naturally in fresh dog food help turn your dog’s coat from dull to healthy and glossy. 

  1. Fewer trips to the vet

The array of vegetables packed full with vitamins and minerals will surely boost your dog’s immune system. Dogs who suffer from any chronic skin irritation or sensitive stomachs will benefit from a fresh food diet. 


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