Intro to Diet Series #5: Wet Food vs. Dry Food

How can I choose what kind of food to feed my dog?

Your pets are like family, and you want to feed them a diet that reflects your love for them. Choosing what to feed your dog can be difficult especially with the large variety of pet food on the market.  

Advantages of Dry Food

Dry pet food is essentially everywhere and may be the obvious choice for pet owners. Dry food has many advantages besides being readily available; it also has a long shelf life and means less visits to the store. If your dog typically eats larger portions it may also be the most cost effective food to feed them and is more convenient than opening a can of wet food. In addition dry dog food can help remove plaque on your dog’s teeth. 

Disadvantages of Dry Food

If your pet suffers from any health conditions dry food may not be the best option. Typical grocery store brands often lack water content and can make it more difficult to digest. If choosing to feed your dog a dry dog food diet it is important to purchase from a high quality company since some lower quality brands may use low-quality ingredients like meat by-products, sweeteners, and preservatives. 

Advantages of Wet Food

Wet Dog Food has the highest water content and is easily digested and is good for dogs who have trouble chewing or are picky eaters. Wet dog food also has the same amount of protein but fewer carbs which is good for dogs with weight issues. In addition wet food also contains more meat and your dog will be more excited to eat it by providing freshness that can’t be found in dry food. When feeding your dog wet food it is important to make sure that the food doesn’t sit out for longer than 30 minutes due to bacterial growth. 

Disadvantages of Wet Food

Canned wet food is often more expensive than kibble and typically requires more storage than dry kibble. Wet food is also messier and unused portions require refrigeration. Wet food can also cause loose stools in dogs due to high moisture content and for house dogs this can mean more mess for you to clean up. 

If you’re still unsure on what kind of food to feed your dog, reach out to us here at Urban Pets and we will be able to help you decide what dog food is best for your pet.


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