Intro to Diet Series #6: Chickens

Why should I get chickens?

Depending on how many chickens you have and what you are getting them for, chickens are one of the most affordable and low maintenance pets you can have. Chickens are easy to care for, adorable and provide great companionship. There are many benefits to having chickens including free eggs, fertilizer for your garden, and they eat insects that could pose a threat to your garden.

What breed of chickens are the best?

This question will depend greatly on what you want to get your chickens for. Certain breeds of chickens are better meat birds while some are better at laying eggs than others. 

  1. Rhode Island Reds

These birds provide a steady supply of eggs and do well in all weather conditions.

  1. Silkies 

These gals lay cream coloured eggs and are best known for their silky feathers making them great for snuggling.

  1. Delawares

These all white hens are sure to tickle your fancy with their sassy attitude and extra large eggs. 

  1. Buckeye 

These adorable girls are a dual purpose breed, meaning they are great as meat birds and egg birds. 

What do chickens eat? 

A chicken’s diet is mostly layer pellets or chicken feed but can be supplemented by fresh fruits and vegetables. A general rule of thumb is to feed about 1.5 cups of fruits or veggies per 8 chickens. Chickens love leafy greens, berries, pumpkin, grains and pasta. While supplementing your chickens diet is healthy, it is important to make sure they are receiving most of their caloric intake from their feed since it is high in protein and has all the nutrition they need.


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