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Intro to Diet Series #6: Chickens

Why should I get chickens? Depending on how many chickens you have and what you are getting them for, chickens are one of the most affordable and low maintenance pets you can have. Chickens are easy to care for, adorable and provide great companionship. There are many benefits to having chickens including free eggs, fertilizer for your garden, and they eat insects that could pose a threat to your garden.[...]

Grooming Series #4: Cat Matting

Most long haired cats will experience matting at some point in their lives. Cats are self groomers but can still suffer from knotted and tangled hair once their hair begins to shed since the loose hair gets caught in the top coat causing mats. Older cats who have limited mobility also may be at a higher risk for matting especially behind their legs or where their collar is due to[...]

Intro to Diet Series #3: Freeze Dried Raw

What exactly is Freeze Dried Raw? Freeze Dried Raw Food is the process of removing the moisture from the food at low temperatures but preserving the nutrition of raw ingredients. Freeze dried raw food provides a longer shelf life and a more convenient way of feeding your dog raw food without the mess or hassle of typical raw dog food. There are a few different forms of freeze dried raw[...]

Grooming Series #3: Shedding in Dogs

Your dog’s hair grows in cycles and once their hair reaches a certain maturity point it will begin to shed. It is important to keep your dog's coat regularly maintained to avoid shedding on your furniture, clothes and in your car. Some breeds shed more than others and their skin can become itchy and they may experience discomfort from the excess hair and dander. You should aim to de-shed your[...]

Intro to Diet Series #1: Kibble

What kind of Kibble should I feed my dog?  Kibble comes in multiple varieties and deciding what kibble to feed your dog will vary based on a few things such as the cost, nutritional value, and the type of kibble. With a variety of kibbles on the market including grocery store brands, pet speciality brands and feed stores.  Grocery Store CheapestBulk ingredientsLimited SelectionNo Product KnowledgeMore Processed Feed Store Mid PriceBulk[...]

Grooming Series #7: Bathing your Cat

Most felines, particularly those with short haired coats, are acceptable self-custodians and require washing less often. In any case, a bath is fitting at whatever point you need your cat to smell fresh and clean. How often you choose to bathe your cat will rely upon coat length and type, activity level and climate. Cat owners should know that unreasonable washing, or using human grooming products can dull the coat[...]

Grooming Series #5: Cleaning your Dogs Ears

Why do I need to clean my dog's ears? You may not think that cleaning your dog's ears is important in their grooming regime, but regular ear cleaning allows for you to see if your dog has an ear infection or any dust mites present in their ear. Certain breeds will need more regular cleaning then others including Basset Hounds or Cocker Spaniels because their ears droop over and restrict[...]

Intro to Diet Series #7: Treating your Dog

Why should I treat my dog? Treating your dog creates a bond between you and your pet. Your dog will be a lot more susceptible to following your lead once a bond has been created. Using treats is one of the most effective training methods, almost all dogs will work for food. Some behaviours are harder to learn for dogs but a dog will be more willing to repeat a[...]


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